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The benefits of green cleaning is the use of products that reduce the health and environmental impact as an alternative to using other products used for the same result.
There is an increasing concern in our communities environment which has everything to do with our future quality of life. At Pristine Business Cleaning the goal of green business cleaning is to go beyond the facade of clean and focus on products that have less adverse health and environmental impacts as compared with other products.
Green cleaning does not mean that traditional methods are insufficient or have created dangerous surroundings but as evolving to another level of clean thus providing a healthier environment.
80% of our time is spent indoors. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates the indoor environment as potentially 3-5 times more harmful to humans than the outdoor environment. The EPA rates indoor air quality as one of the top five health risks. There are 100 million workdays lost each year due to poor indoor air quality.
This is why at Pristine Business Cleaning we are constantly trying to improve our products, procedures and equipment in order to produce a cleaner and healthier environment in your business. While we still use some cleaners not considered green in order to completely sanitize and disinfect we do have the ability to only use green products in your business, whatever your preference.
The main products used in Pristine Business Cleaning office cleanings:
Red Juice *Received an USDA A1 rating for use around food!
(equal to All Purpose Cleaner) – exceeds all EPA and FDA requirements as a safe Green Cleaner
Environmental perfection! Ingredients include seaweed and soybean extract. Also, non-toxic, odor-free, biodegradable and pH neutral. With Red Juice we got a powerful, biodegradable, odor free, personally safe cleaner–and even more!
Blue Juice (equal to Windex or Glass Plus)
The “EC” (Environmentally Correct) choice for glass. Like Red Juice, Blue Juice also meets or exceeds all EPA or FDA requirements to be categorized as a non-toxic, odor free, environmentally friendly, personally safe, biodegradable, unscented, all natural, safe Green Cleaner.
If “Green” is important to you, then it is important to us. Contact us today to find out how we could become Your Partner in Cleaning.
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